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Date Title Series Speaker
9/25/2017 Deliberate Parenting

MOPS 2017-18 Mike James
5/1/2017 Summer Survival With Kids

MOPS 2016-2017 Lyndsy Blais
4/17/2017 All About Food

MOPS 2016-2017 Sarah Courtemanche
4/3/2017 Communication in Relationships

MOPS 2016-2017 Byron & Kerry Batres
3/6/2017 Cultivating Service

MOPS 2016-2017 Valerie Brosseau
2/20/2017 What's New with Kids - Pediatrician Talk

MOPS 2016-2017 Dr. Steve Hale
1/23/2017 Parenting Your Digital Natives

MOPS 2016-2017 Stephanie James
12/12/2016 The Grinch, Santa and Mary

MOPS 2016-2017 Tracy Centracchio
11/28/2016 How to Raise Compassionate Children in a Self Centered World

MOPS 2016-2017 Heather Clifford
10/24/2016 Preschool and Beyond

MOPS 2016-2017 Courtney Leitz

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