Steering Team

MOPS 2017-2018 Steering Team Members

Who decorated the room today? Who is planning, organizing, and preparing for future activities and events? Who is caring for your little ones, or scheduling the awesome speakers?

There are many people involved in making a MOPS meeting happen. These are the members of this year's Steering Team. These ladies gather, lead, instruct, mentor and labor along side the many women who bring each and every MOPS meeting to you.

To contact a Steering Team member directly, click on her name to send her an e-mail. Questions? Email
MOPS Coordinator
Amy Carnesale
Morning Meeting Coordinator
Polly Garcia

Mentor Mom Coordinator
Marianne Bassford Care Team Coordinator
Audrey Hillegas

Creative Activities Coordinator
Carrie Drost
Hospitality Coordinator
Christina Agnew
Publicity Coordinator
Aimee Riegler
Small Group Leader Coordinator
Lisa Laverty              
Evening Meeting Coordinator
Jen Armstrong
Finance Coordinator
Brianne Danaher
MOPS Kids Coordinator 


Special Events Coordinator

GIGs Coordinator