About MOPS Kids

MOPS Kids is not just the childcare portion of the MOPS meeting. It is so much more…

Just as MOPS is for mothers, we have a wonderful program for your children called MOPS Kids.   Our goal in MOPS Kids is to provide a place your children will look forward to coming to.   Please read below to help us assure the safety and health of your child and our volunteers.

Procedure:   Your child will be welcomed into an age-appropriate space filled with toys and activities.   Children over 2 years old will enjoy making a craft, learning about God, playing games, and eating a snack.   Please be sure that your child has a name tag (provided in MOPS Kids) and that any bags/cups are labeled with your child's name.   A bracelet system allows you and your child to be connected with a common number.   Should your child need you during a MOPS meeting your number will appear on the call box in our main meeting room.  If a child is having a difficult time transitioning we will do our best to calm your child.   If a child continues to cry after 10 minutes we will alert you.  If you would like to shorten this trial period simply notify your child's teacher. 

Although we know you are anxious to see if your child is doing well we ask that once you have dropped off your child that you do not return to the room until you are ready to pick your child up to leave. We have found it is much easier on the children, as well as the workers, for you to make a clean break.   If your child sees you they may get worked up.   We have a quality staff that will alert you if you are needed.

Safety:   To provide the safest environment for your child each room is staffed by 2 people over the age of 18.   Some rooms may have a teen helper as well. Similarly aged children will be assigned to the same space to assure the toys and activities are age appropriate for the duration of the MOPS year.   This is a classroom setting so we ask that you please do not move your child to another class until the start of the new MOPS year (September).

The MOPS Kids program is run by moms for moms.   We are blessed with many volunteers who willingly and regularly serve, but we still need your help.   You'll be asked to be involved in the MOPS Kids program at least twice a year, expect to hear from your Small Group Leader regarding this.   A schedule and name tag will be provided when you are on duty.
We always welcome extra hands.   If you know anyone interested in volunteering in our MOPS Kids program, please contact the MOPS Coordinator, Julie Pluss.

 We look forward to an exciting year with you and your children.