Our History


A History of Growth

I used to have two pet turtles, and in caring for them one of the first things I learned is that a turtle will grow in relation to the size of its tank. As long as you keep getting it a bigger tank, it will keep growing, but it will never outgrow the tank it's in. This concept has paralleled the development of EAC. For over 40 years we’ve been growing, and it’s time for us to get a bigger “tank”.

                 1968– EAC began with just 7 families.
                 1989– In just a year attendance grew from 235 to 350, so services were held at Essex Middle School   until the new sanctuary was built.
                 1997– Attendance was up to 905 so we did some renovations and added on the Mountain View Room.    
                 1999– Attendance increased another 150 and we built the Community Center.
                 2000– Attendance was up to 1200 weekly so we began weighing possible options for expansion: a 4th service, building a balcony, starting a
                              satellite campus...anything to create a little more elbow room!
                 2004– Began offering services at the Essex Outlet Cinemas as a satellite campus. This allowed for more space and offered a unique worship
                             experience, especially for people who were unsure of the idea of "church". But it also required a tremendous amount of manpower and
                             volunteers to pull off worship, Children's Ministries, welcoming committees and all the other necessary tasks at two different sites
                             with multiple services.  
                 2008– With attendance over 1400 we physically couldn't fit anymore people. The video café provided a little more seating. 3900 people
                             attended Easter, 4250 at Christmas Spectacular, and 1980 on Christmas Eve. In faith, we decided to purchase land in Williston
                             for a new building.

Without more room to grow, attendance has remained steady over the past few years. If you've ever been part of a construction project, you know that things always take longer than expected, and this case is no different. While we wait for construction to begin, we have kept up to date on the many state-regulated permitting requirements, site maintenance, and have had architectural plans designed. It is our prayer that a history of growth turns into a future of growth!

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