What is MOPS?

Ever wondered, “what is MOPS?” 

How did MOPS get started? How is Essex Alliance involved? Who gets the speakers? Who sets up for the meetings? Who organizes MOPS Kids? Who are the women working in the kitchen? Good questions! Let’s start from the top...

What is MOPS?

MOPS stands for “Mothers of Preschoolers” and is part of an international organization known as MOPS International. MOPS exists as a community of peers who can support each other - laughing, sharing, learning, growing, encouraging - through this unique time of motherhood. And don’t let the word “preschoolers” confuse you: it doesn’t mean your child has to be in preschool. You can begin attending MOPS when you are pregnant and continue to attend through your youngest child’s kindergarten year.

To learn more about MOPS International, including how MOPS began, visit MOPS International’s website: www.mops.org. To get answers to specific questions about our MOPS at Essex Alliance, visit our FAQs page.

How is Essex Alliance Church connected to MOPS?

In order to start a local MOPS group, a local ministry must agree to support the group by holding a MOPS charter: EAC is our MOPS group’s chartering church. “But what if I don’t go to church?” you ask. You do not need to be a churchgoer or from a specific denomination to join MOPS. We want all moms to “come as you are.” Christian prayers and themes are a basic part of MOPS International, but please know that all moms are welcome.

Who makes the decisions about what goes on at the meetings?

Each year, MOPS International comes up with a theme, which can help set the tone for many aspects of the year’s planning and meetings. Beyond that, however, most other things are planned and carried out by our AMVs: Awesome Mom Volunteers! The same moms that attend the meetings often volunteer their time to help with one of the many tasks that must be done to keep our local group running. 

The planning for each MOPS year begins in June with the MOPS Steering Team (all of whom are volunteers). The Steering Team meets once a month to decide on speakers, plan for the year, pray for MOPS and discuss any current needs or concerns within our MOPS group. The Steering Team is comprised of the chapter’s coordinator, a coordinator for each meeting, and a coordinator for each of several “teams,” such as hospitality, finance, MOPS Kids, and more. The coordinators of each team reach out to other moms who have interest in helping carry out that team’s responsibilities.

For a complete list and more details visit the MOPS Team page.