What to Expect

New to Essex Alliance?

We hope you'll join us this Sunday to see for yourself what we're all about.  Before you attend, you may have some questions about what to expect.  Many have asked "So, what's goin' on at Essex Alliance?" 

One Church, Two Service Venues

We offer three identical services every Sunday morning — three are also shown in our Video Cafe.


Get Directions

All services are currently at 37 Old Stage Road.  For an interactive map, visit our Directions page.


You are welcome to park in any of the lots that surround the church and the Community Center/Gym.  You're also welcome to drop off any passengers at the front entrance before parking. There is handicapped parking in front of and to the right of the main building.

Bring Your Kids

If you have children, we invite them to experience our age-appropriate opportunities for fun and learning during the service. You can check them into their areas before the service. You'll be given a bracelet with your child's assigned number at check in. If you're needed during the service, your number will show up on the small black monitor located at the front of the auditorium you've chosen to go to. 

Children from birth through age 2 check in downstairs (one level down from the lobby) in the main church building.  Ages 3 to pre-K check in at the Mountain View Room (go up a half level through the Fellowship Hall and through the double doors at the end).  Grades K through 5 meet in the Community Center/Gym adjacent to the main church building.

Ask for Help

The volunteers at the Information Center in the lobby would be glad to answer any questions and point you in the right direction. (Or just grab the arm of somebody walking by... most of us don't bite.) While you're there, pick up a Start Here booklet for an overview of all that's going on at Essex Alliance.

Head to the Auditorium or Video Cafe

Auditorium services are every hour and 30 minutes, starting at 8:30, followed by 10:00, and 11:30.

If you're at the Video Cafe (available all three services), settle in at a cafe table of your choice, then help yourself to complimentary coffee, chat with our hosts if you like, then join in as we worship together.

At each service, you'll experience 15-20 minutes of contemporary music, energizing worship along with a practical message that will make a difference to your Monday. Helpful folks at the doors will hand you a weekly bulletin full of information, and help you find a seat.

(By the way, we understand that most visitors don't want to be singled out in any way... so we won't ask you to wear a badge, stand up, or embarrass yourself in any way. Check out some more of our answers to frequently-asked questions about our church.)

After the Service...

Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself to the day's speaker - he or she would love to meet you!  And be sure to check out the Information Center display tables located in the lobby and browse our website on the kiosks provided.

Whether you're just starting to ask questions about God, or you're a committed Christian who wants to sink the roots of your faith even deeper, we hope you'll find a home here at Essex Alliance.