MOPS Teams

Thinking of Getting Involved?

Many moms who have volunteered on a team found that it was invaluable in getting connected to other moms and growing in friendship with them. Serving alongside other moms can be a fun and rewarding experience that fulfills you as a woman... not just you as a mom!  

So you think you want to get involved... but on which team? What are your gifts? What do you do in your free time? Remember that teams usually have many different responsibilities, and so time commitments can vary widely. How much you get involved is up to you! Below you’ll find a description of each team and what kinds of roles volunteers might fill. If you have specific questions about that team, or want to volunteer, feel free to contact the coordinator of that team directly. You can find their names and contact information on our Steering Team page.

Care Team:

The MOPS Care Team provides regular encouragement to our moms in such ways as recognizing special events in moms’ lives, like birthdays and new babies. The team also coordinates additional supports for moms in need, such as helping with meals after a significant need arises (i.e., new baby, sickness). Care Team members will meet regularly to discuss needs of the group, coordinate meal supplements for families in need, offer friendly visits, or provide suggestions for other avenues for support outside of MOPS.

Creative Activities:

The Creative Activities team coordinates the creative activities for each meeting. The team is comprised of women who have a variety of skills including creativity, organization and a desire to serve other MOPS moms. The team meets to plan and then divides the responsibilities of preparation work like purchasing supplies, assembling project samples and setting up and tearing down the craft for the meeting.


The Finance team is responsible for creating and managing the MOPS yearly budget. The Finance team also oversees our registration process, both locally and with MOPS International. A finance team volunteer is always present at the registration table at each meeting to greet and welcome moms and collect dues. If you enjoy being responsible for money-related tasks, have good attention to detail, or enjoy greeting moms as they arrive at each meeting, consider volunteering on the Finance team.


The GIGS Coordinator organizes and leads small groups and Coffee Shops for those who are interesting in learning more about who God is and how He fits into our lives. The GIGS team is comprised of a few ladies who enjoy helping set up, take down and serve drinks, snacks before and after each GIG. 


The Hospitality team coordinates set-up, including decorating, and clean-up for each meeting, as well as preparation and organization of the food for each meeting. The team is comprised of women who have a variety of skills including creativity, organization and a desire to serve other MOPS moms by providing a welcoming environment. The team meets to plan and then divides the responsibilities of preparation work, like purchasing supplies, preparing food, decorating, setting-up before the meetings and cleaning up after the meetings.
You may want to serve on the Hospitality team if you enjoy decorating, buying and/or preparing food, while providing a welcoming environment to other moms. You can help as little or as much as you are able including: 1 hour on Mondays for set-up, 30 min. before meetings, 30 min. after meetings, 1 hour of shopping time every other week.

Meeting Coordinators:

To act as MC at each meeting, MOPS has Meeting Coordinators - one in the morning and one in the evening. She may share announcements, a video and a story at each meeting. She will also introduce the speaker for the day. Her needs before each meeting may include photo-copying, audio/visual system operating, or a variety of other tasks. If you would like to help our Coordinators behind the scenes, please let us know!

Mentor Moms:

The Mentor Mom team is organized by the Mentor Mom Coordinator. The team is comprised of several moms who have the experience of having parented through the preschool years up through high school, college, or beyond! Each small group at MOPS has a Mentoring Mom who attends each group, supporting the Small Group Leader and encouraging the women in the group. Your mentor mom will be a great source of support, advice and wisdom during the year.

MOPS Steering Committee Coordinator:

The MOPS Steering Committee Coordinator has the overall leadership responsibility for MOPS. She holds monthly planning meetings with the Steering Committee and acts as the liaison between our local chapter and MOPs International, as well as our host church, Essex Alliance.

MOPS Kids: 

MOPS Kids is the childcare program designed for the children of MOPS moms. The Tuesday-morning program is overseen by the MOPS Kids Coordinator. There is also a MOPS Kids scheduler, who has the task of contacting and coordinating all volunteers prior to each meeting to ensure there are enough to care for all children who will attend. MOPS Kids volunteers who work directly with the children may lead music, craft, or story time, play with the children and help serve snack. Other volunteers serve outside of the meeting times by helping shop for needed groceries and supplies, cleaning toys or preparing crafts for the meetings. This may be the team for you if you love working with children, or if you desire to support the team that helps moms enjoy their MOPS meetings knowing their children are well cared for.


The Publicity Team is tasked with disseminating information within our local MOPS group, as well as occasionally publicizing our local MOPS group and its events in the community. Publicity volunteers design print materials that are used within our group, manage our website and Facebook page, help write copy for publicity materials, and assist in running the AV equipment at each MOPS meeting. A publicity volunteer may be a MOPS mom who has good attention to detail, enjoys and has knowledge of working with computers, loves to write or just has a passion for spreading the word about MOPS. A mom can serve the Publicity Team by helping with tasks at each meeting (such as recording the speakers), or by taking time outside of meetings to create print materials or update the website. Time required to serve can be as little as 15-30 minutes or several hours over the course of the year. 

Small Group Leaders:

A Small Group Leader (SGL) is responsible for welcoming moms, providing a place for women to speak into each other's lives, and pointing women in her small group towards Christ. A SGL organizes her group when it is their turn to volunteer for MOPS Kids and/or provide yummy food for a meeting. She also may organize playdates, moms’ get-togethers or other activities so that friendships have an opportunity to grow outside of MOPS.

Special Events:

The Special Events team plans and coordinates the great events that happen outside of regular MOPS meeting times, as well as our beloved Spa Day. Special events may be just for moms, or they may be for MOPS couples or the entire family. The team meets to plan the events and then divides up responsibilities, such as contacting vendors or shopping for food or decorations. Volunteers on the Special Events team are often at the events beforehand to help set up; during, to help run the event and enjoy it themselves; and then afterwards, to help clean up. If you enjoy planning fun, one-time events and would like to help plan fun activities for moms, consider volunteering on the Special Events team.