MOPS Media Series

MOPS 2015-2016

Date Title Speaker
9/22/2015 Celebrating Motherhood Lisa Laverty
10/6/2015 Tips to Help Keep Your Kids Safe Brent Mott
10/20/2015 Flourishing in Your Home Laura Cooper
11/3/2015 Flourishing in Your Marriage Chris and Tracy Centracchio
11/17/2015 A Fierce Flourishing Story - Grieving So You Can Live Amanda McGann
12/1/2015 Learning Styles Nancy Daniels
12/15/2015 A Christmas Talk Arabella Hubbard and Phebe Mott
1/19/2016 Parenting Tots to Become Teens Beth Cole
2/2/2016 Tea & Testimony Kylee Hatch
3/15/2016 Pediatrician Q&A Dr. Steve Hale
3/29/2016 Mommy Madness Alison Hunt
4/12/2016 The Importance Of Play Dr. Rebecca Ruid
4/26/2016 How We Love Jim Wilkins