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If you like convenience, online giving is a great option. No paper, no postage. It’s easy to set up, and easy to live with.


  • Saves you the time of sending in your contribution
  • Saves you the cost of checks and postage
  • Saves Essex Alliance Church processing expenses
  • Ensures contributions even when you are on vacation

To give online, you do not need to have an online account, but to give regularly through automated giving, you must have an account with Essex Alliance Church. This account can also be used for event registrations and payments, updating your personal information and viewing your giving history. (If your new account email does not match that in our records, please allow several days for approval before access to personal data is possible.)

Benefits of an Online Account

  • Get instant access to your giving records, whether you give online or not.
  • Access restricted reports and the church directory.
  • Pay for church events online via credit card or check.
  • Automate your giving and/or pledge payments using a credit card or checking account.
  • Donate online anytime, not just while you’re at church.
  • Provide your personal information just once and not have to provide each time you
    • register for an event
    • join a study or group
    • add or change your Church Directory listing

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